9 Eye-Catching Modern Baseboard Designs Ideas

Just how usually have you taken into consideration baseboard design? Opportunities are not that type. But if you’re restoring your residence, tiny information like baseboards and various other trim are just what creates a natural, thoughtful design that will certainly make you happy you purchased the project to start with. Read more…


Home Design Ideas With Friendly Shapes

Octagons have been an essential shape in design as well as design given that the moment of the Greeks and Romans. Because creating materials into 8 straight sides was less complicated compared to constructing a circle, the octagon was often the preferred form for towers and domes. Today, modern style Read more…

Tom Howley

Trending Now: Polished Industrial Style

Industrial style creates pictures of real lofts: concrete, block, exposed pipelines, peeling off paint, rough-hewn timber as well as corroded and crusty finishes. But recently the style has actually been trending a lot more polished. A couple of industrial components stick out, tempered by smoother surfaces such as glossy steels, Read more…