Basement Ceiling Ideas – A crisp white ceiling is a classic appearance, yet it’s not the only choice for making a room appearance polished. Here are a couple of other design factors to consider to bring some character to your ceiling.

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basement ceiling ideas -LAKSHMI INTERIORS

The sky is the limit when it involves the amount of creativity and also gorgeous layering you could put into producing an ornamental statement on the ceiling. Yet before we go over the many elegant or uncommon therapies to think about, let’s begin with a classic finish you’ve probably seen before.

1. Basement Ceiling Ideas, Exposed Concrete

basement ceiling ideas

basement ceiling ideas – Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

In my own design projects, I locate many clients are thrilled to eliminate a popcorn ceiling treatment, and also this is typically my preference as well. The results can be refined, yet striking.

Sometimes, the outcomes could be significant. Eliminating a snacks ceiling, as well as the entire drywall layer over, could typically expose building surfaces, such as a great concrete surface.

Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement Ceiling Ideas – Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

A revealed concrete ceiling provides a room a bit of industrial, building panache, including dramatization and structure in a contemporary way. Naturally, not every house has a concrete ceiling to expose, so it’s essential to consult with your designer or professional prior to making any kind of plans.

It’s also important to keep in mind that removing a ceiling back to the concrete will certainly leave no space for recessed ceiling lights. For this reason, I generally include a location of went down the ceiling to permit spotlights, define a gathering space or centerpiece as well as aesthetically separate the appearance a bit.

2. Flat Drywall

Victoria Gerts - basement ceiling ideas

Victoria Gerts – basement ceiling ideas

From my experience, one of the most preferred modern ceiling styles is the easy flat drywall ceiling. If a room includes other sound-absorbing products like rugs, curtains or a material headboard, you can avoid the acoustic ceiling treatment without worrying about echoes.

As I discussed in the past, it is not always easy to attain a perfectly crisp drywall ceiling, yet skilled tradespeople could install either a brand-new drywall ceiling or scrape the appearance paint from an existing ceiling to disclose a much more smooth, contemporary surface.

Cutting a ceiling with crown molding painting to match the ceiling color is an excellent alternative means to hide refined blemishes in the slope of the ceiling and attain a bright, airy, classic appearance.

3. Paint

traditional-dining-room - Jade N Timmerman Interiors - Jade N Timmerman Interiors

Jade N Timmerman Interiors – Jade N Timmerman Interiors

A drywall ceiling does not only come in one color, so while we’re reviewing this coating, allow’s touch on some varying paint options.

4. White

Basement Ceiling Ideas

Basement Ceiling Ideas – June

A white or just-off-white ceiling is popular due to the fact that it’s a fantastic method to make any kind of room really feel open and ventilated as well as allow light bounce from any kind of windows or light fixtures back right into the room.

For a contemporary or contemporary home, simple white could function wonderful, but for an extra standard house or a space with guaranteed warm tones (similar to this room with a great deal of inviting beige), choose a subtle off-white that matches the tone of the walls.

For a fun, fashionable take, rip off the ceiling line a little bit, like in this room, by beginning the ceiling paint 12 to 24 inches down the wall surface (or only painting the walls up to that point, whichever method you think of it). The outcome is a breezy modern-day result without making use of any type of strong colors or brand-new materials.

5. Gray

scandinavian nursery

scandinavian nursery – Riccardo Gasperoni

Using a darker color on the ceiling than on the wall surfaces aesthetically brings the ceiling down, which could make a room feel even more intimate.

Using a neutral grey color (or one with a hint of amazing blue) achieves this effect without attracting excessive attention, so the room still really feels serene as well as innovative.

This makes gray a terrific selection for bedrooms, dens and also nurseries, bringing a relaxed, comfy environment.

6. Accent Shades


Basement Ceiling Ideas – Дмитрий Кашемиров

For a room with a special personality, including an accent color to the ceiling instills a great deal of drama in an unexpected area.

I will not lie: As a DIY task, painting the ceiling is not almost as simple as painting a wall surface, as well as for specialists it usually needs the room to be totally cleared first. So, it’s best to be definitely sure that you enjoy a shade prior to using it to the “5th wall.”

The upside is that the ceiling is frequently a relatively tiny area, implying that sprinkle of shade is a much more regulated dosage compared to painting the walls.

Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

While a repainted ceiling is promptly noticeable in a room with raw white walls, when a room has a lot of interesting and eclectic coatings on other surfaces, a rich shade could, in fact, assimilate better than a white ceiling.

It’s bold seek certainly, but also for those who like a lot of individuality in their home, a colorful ceiling can be an extremely comfortable selection.

For the very best of both globes, a navy, deep teal or royal blue color will certainly really feel significant but still, show up neutral sufficient to not overwhelm you.

7. Matching Ceilings And Also Wall Surfaces

Morning Star Builders LTD

Morning Star Builders LTD

Painting the ceiling to match the walls could sound frustrating, yet occasionally it could actually be the much more subtle choice. When the ceiling, as well as the walls (or even simply a few walls), coincide color, the absence of comparison makes the ceiling much less of a significant attribute and more of a single history shade.

Naturally, this uses best to softer colors like mild pink, watery blue or heritage butter yellow.


Basement Ceiling Ideas – Toronto Interior Design Group | Yanic Simard

I personally match the ceiling to the wall surfaces frequently when making use of light neutral tones. While it could show up white on your screen, the walls, ceiling and molding in this project are all Benjamin Moore’s Classic Gray, a subtle, warm gray color.

In an older residence, using an all-over shade is an excellent way to deemphasize blemishes such as sloped ceilings that don’t fulfill wall surfaces in a flawlessly straight line.

8. Basement Ceiling Ideas, Two-Tone Paint

Two-tone paint - Claridge Homes

Two-tone paint – Claridge Homes

Utilizing a dark or remarkable paint color on the ceiling doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. Like the reverse of a rug, paint simply part of a ceiling could assist specify a particular zone, like exactly how this open-concept house has a grey paint utilized over simply the cooking area, finishing approximately at the edge of the island.

Aligning the edge or edges with one more element in the room will help it make visual sense, like how in this room the ceiling red stripe ends at the very same point where the wall surface listed below adjustments.

9. Paint Finishes Semigloss

Two-tone paint - Claridge Homes

Two-tone paint – Claridge Homes

The higher the level of gloss in a paint, the much more aesthetic depth it will certainly have and the lighter the perceived shade will certainly be. So, when selecting a darker color specifically, picking a semigloss or more subtle satin coating can make a shade seem less hostile and also much more multi-dimensional and also help maintain the paint from absorbing all the light in the room.

10. Matte

Matte - Vintage Elements

Matte – Vintage Elements

Matte as well as eggshell surfaces stand for the less-glossy end of the range, as well as therefore mirrorless light. This will certainly make a color seem even purer as well as vibrant, as well as a bit darker. For those who do not want to shy away from a rich statement, a matte coating gives a crisp contemporary look.

11. Gloss


Gloss – Willey Design LLC

Ultra-high-gloss paint is hard to apply to a ceiling due to the fact that it has a slower drying time and also therefore great deals of the chance to trickle or become uneven.

Yet it’s possible for specialist professionals, and also the outcomes could be spectacular, especially when coupled with gleaming ceiling fixtures and also beautiful natural light.

Alternately, an “extended ceiling” makes use of a layer of modern product put on hold simply listed below truth ceiling to create a gloss effect (or other coatings) that painting alone cannot attain.

12. Paneling

Paneling - Legacy Custom Homes

Paneling – Legacy Custom Homes

Timber planks are most often seen on the floor, however they look just as gorgeous over.

While wood-paneled ceilings are typically associated with cottages and also farmhouses, they could collaborate with a range of designs of a house.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – MB architecture + design

Paneling works well for transitional houses, particularly in controlled dosages like the little strip seen here, bringing structure as well as splendor to the ceiling that a solid color cannot match.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – Alwill Interiors

Generally, thinner strips of wood, and also types with even more knots, will show up more cottage-inspired, while larger planks or sheets, frequently with a less-grainy finish, will lug a more contemporary look.

Both kinds function well in kitchen areas with airy white or beige cabinetry, taking a classic “white kitchen area” and offering it included heat as well as a natural allure.

13. Pressed Tin

Pressed Tin – Buchanan Construction

While these panels are not necessarily made from tin, the pressed-tin look sustains as an enchanting option for typical kitchen areas, or contemporary or transitional kitchens that intend to add some classic style.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – KitchenLab | Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors

These panels could be visually rather dominant with their glamor antiqued finishes as well as busy pattern, so they work well in rooms with otherwise straightforward combinations, or as a tiny accent over an island or seat group.

To keep the look fresh and bright, attempt utilizing classic tin panels with stainless-steel home appliances, so the main steel tone repeats and the room really feels cohesive.

14. Gold Leaf

Gold Leaf – Christopher Maya Associates Inc

For some metal glam without the active pattern of a pressed-tin-style ceiling, gold leaf is a terrific means to obtain a discreetly multi-tonal impact that will certainly cast a gold radiance throughout a room.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – Chris Snook

Using gold leaf is an extremely taxing procedure, yet the result brings a nearly imperial air and is terrific for giving a feeling of motion as well as prestige to small or slim rooms like a corridor or lavatory without excessive ceiling square footage.

15. Molding

Molding – Buckingham Interiors + Design LTD

Thin, fragile wall moldings bring a feeling of class to a ceiling, giving the entire surface area a richer appearance without demanding as much focus as a lot of the previous options. The impact is subtle and is well-suited to an extra formal or classic room design.

That being said, ceiling moldings can look grand and also really premium in a modern-day house too. Also simply a few strips in a straightforward form or pattern could magnificently mount a ceiling light and bring a sense of polish.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – Terracotta Studio

Usually, with slim moldings like this (2 inches broad or much less), I would suggest painting them the like the rest of the ceiling so the moldings remain a refined aspect of building appearance.

16. Wallpaper

Wallpaper – HSH Interiors

Sure, words “wall surface” remains in the name, however that doesn’t indicate wallpaper cannot go anywhere else. A wallpaper treatment on the ceiling can be a wonderful means to add some color overhead, but not way too much.

It’s an appearance that pairs well with open shelving (such as in a walk-in closet or collection) or in a space you intend to look festive and also energetic, like a dining room.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – Bailey & Shamoun Interiors

Alternately, wall surface coverings could be used to include controlled appearance (rather than wild patterns) to a ceiling, offering a sense of splendor just like wood however even more subtle and in a range of hues.

Essentially, a textured wallpaper can be used in the same way as a comparable paint color, just with added multi accent that makes the result a lot more refined and also complicated, or even much easier to cope with.

17. Beams and Coffers

Beams and Coffers – AVID Audio Visual Installation & Design

While some houses have light beams constructed into the ceiling for structural support, others have a beam of lights just for ornamental objectives, typically built from trim and timber slabs, and frequently largely hollow inside.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – Niosi Design

Coffered ceilings make use of these beam of lights to produce a network of squares, or often various other more complex shapes in extremely expensive installations. This gives a house a regal and also historic high quality, remembering the architectural style of old royal residences and also churches.

It remains in no chance a low-cost installment and also calls for a large amount of product as well as labor to complete, yet several of the prices can likely be recouped as included value to the house due to the fact that the appearance is timeless.

Incorporating a coffered ceiling with some of the various other ideas over can create spectacular outcomes, bringing rich color or pattern to the ceiling while still maintaining an air of orderliness.

A coffered ceiling similar to this makes a fantastic upgrade for a dining-room, bringing equilibrium, coziness and also elegance while specifying an indicate hang a chandelier.

18. Popcorn Ceilings

Popcorn Ceilings – WAKE + LOOM DESIGN

Texture-painted ceilings, typically called snacks ceilings, prevail in older homes, but the finish is much less commonly utilized in building and construction during the past few years.

To some individuals, the textured appearance is an eyesore, which is typically worsened by the reality that the therapy is challenging to repair as soon as tarnished or damaged, presuming it was used very carefully and also uniformly in the first place.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that snacks ceilings were and continuously be obtained a couple of great factors. Initially, they could hide blemishes in the ceiling surface– a truly crisp, flawlessly also ceiling is tough to attain.

Second, this appearance aids cut resembling for far better acoustics, which is particularly important in contemporary rooms that have many flat surface areas and also not a lot of fabrics to soak up noise.

Basement Ceiling Ideas – WAKE + LOOM DESIGN

Inevitably, popcorn ceilings are not all alike, so if your only memory of this finish is from a well-worn house with a spiky, stained ceiling, it could deserve offering the treatment a second look. When succeeded, texture paint could be extremely refined.

However if you prefer a more crisp or elegant coating, there are a lot more options to pick from.

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