There are not many things that are more appealing than the heat, crackling and outdoor shine of fire. If you plan to include a fire attribute to your landscape, go to a smoke-free design. Instead of gas logs, many modern built-in fire pits burn natural gas, saving the environment from polluting cigarette smoke.

1. Intimate Gathering

27 Super Cool Fire Pit Ideas for Your Yard #backyard #homeimprovement #backyard #patio

Fire Pit Ideas by Arterra Landscape Architects

Relax before the fire in the garden, as the owners of the contemporary farmhouse style do. The advantage of the built-in fire station is sufficiently wide to be used to serve a tray of drinks or toast plate that is not too close to the flame.

When selecting your fireplace, consider whether you would be able to observe the fire component from the home. The fire flicker can cause to step out and reveal in the backyard day when you might otherwise have a greater chance of staying indoors.

A winding route through lush foliage leads to the entrance to an inviting round fireplace and setting area.

2. Mod Look

DIY Backyard Fire Pit For Your Backyard #FirePitIdeas

Fire Pit Ideas © MODE CONCRETE

The best thing about the 1960s slick fire-pit: it’s mobile. Change the light fireplace into different parts of the garden to create an inviting gathering area or pack it up and transfer it to a different kitchenette.

3. Natural Stone

57 Inspiring Fire Pit Patio Projects #backyard #ideas

Natural stone Fire Pit Ideas

In this well, loved photograph, the fire-pit is casual, with a pure boulder on one side. The glass at the fire-pit is derived from recycled wine bottles as a nod to the region’s business.

4. Urban Chic

Brilliant Fire Pit Your Family Want To Have #patio #ideas

Fire Pit Ideas © Scot Eckley, Inc

Another meeting place in this urban backyards is a fireplace to an elevated concrete bed. While the deck and lounge chairs can be more useful throughout the afternoon, a few chairs around the crackling fire could be a perfect way to spend the day.

5. Cozy Corner

15 Outstanding Fire Pit Ideas for Your Yard #backyard #homeimprovement #backyard #patio

Fire Pit Ideas by Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

A quarter circle-shaped concrete fireplace is slotted to this corner, creating every place for your hot glow along with the front row chairs.

For fireplace seats, be particularly careful when setting up the seats in connection with the fire attributes, there is no flexibility to change it. The space from seat to fireplace here allows people to place their feet on the thick concrete side.

6. Fiery Orbs

25 Surprisingly Easy Fire Pit For Your Backyard #FirePitIdeas

Fire Pit Ideas © Studio H Landscape Architecture

“Fire Chunks” come in a variety of materials in different colors such as concrete, and ceramic.

7. Black and Gold

Fire Pit Ideas © Lenkin Design Inc Landscape and Garden Design

Organize materials and colors for each component, from built-in chairs to pillows, to capture the look, attributes of fire and even succulents potted. Instead of the normal black stones, using a very clear glass fills the fireplace eventually makes the flames glow.

8. Narrow Fire Rill

10 Outdoor Fire Pit Patio Projects #backyard #ideas

Fire Pit Ideas © California Home + Design

In this modern design, a long line of flames dances under a concave rock wall. A long, slim fire attribute works beautifully on a side yard or terrace since the light and warmth can be easily slotted into a slender space.

9. Sunken and Sandy

27 Super Cool Fire Pit Your Family Want To Have #patio #ideas

Fire Pit Ideas ©

Make the floor material permeable by using gravel to allow proper rain of drainage, sand or wide pavers as well as expert installation of underground drainage to carry water through the countryside.

So, you may be inspired by the ideas shared. Going to buy a fire pit for your home? Must follow these guidelines before buying any fire pit.

Safety must be the main concern when locating a fire location. The local code may contain specific criteria, so make sure you know the details!

In general, it should be placed in an area far from trees and shrubs or any materials, structures, buildings or walls that are combustible. Remove debris that can easily ignite a fire or organic matter such as leaves, pine needles or dried grass from an area at least 10 meters away from the fire.

Permanent or portable fire pits must be placed only on fire-resistant surfaces. A layer of gravel or a paved area around the fire hole will also help prevent the fire from spreading accidentally.

By putting the fire pit away from the flow of traffic and lifting it off the ground, it will be difficult for someone to walk or fall accidentally.

Choose a location for a fire pit that minimizes the impact of smoke on neighboring property, or even your property or your interest. If this is a problem, go to the gas burner, because it does not emit smoke.

If children are working, insert a barrier, such as the low wall surrounding the well, which ensures that they are kept at a safe distance from the fire. Some portable stoves are designed with protective glass or a Pyrex shield. This also helps reduce the impact of wind on flames.

For a fire drill, always use the safety screen. They come in various shapes and sizes and will help contain sparks and flying debris. Some models are sold with them, however, if you are building fires, be sure to include a screen in the design.

Burning of Wood Against Gas

Convenience: The gas feature is that you can get an instant flame without any effort. No preparation is needed, and most of all, nothing to clean up afterward. Gas burning does not produce smoke, so it is perfect for places where it can be a problem.

Unless you have gas lines to your fire pit, you will have to change the gas tanks when they are empty, but if you burn the firewood, you will need a pile of records. You’ll also have to set the fire on before you run it, keep it, shut it down, and finally clean the ash.

There may be more work, but for some people, the smell of burning wood, the sounds of the crackling fire and all the memories that provoke more than compensation.

Safety: Fire that burns gas does not produce sparks or gums and has a flame that can control it. When the gas fire pit is extinguished at the end of the night, it is known that the fire has been completely extinguished.

Fire burning wood requires more attention and attention before you retire to sleep with peace of mind. Many models that burn gas come with glass or Pyrex shields.

This security feature not only helps protect those who gather around the flames by creating a barrier but also reduces the impact of wind on fire. For wood fires, use a safety screen to minimize sparks and walls and use dry dry wood only.

Maintenance: Depends on the materials you manufactured and the fuel you use. Gas stoves and valves must be cleaned regularly to avoid clogging them by insect nests and dirt accumulation.

Although this is easy, it is recommended that they are examined every time. A well-made fire hole of very low maintenance wood must require over the years, except for unloading of ash. If you are cooking, additional cleaning may be required to eliminate the build-up of grease and debris.


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