Kitchen Desk Design Ideas – Adding a desk in your kitchen is not just about finding the area for this. It is also about finding a way to make it appear more stylish and interesting.

The majority of the kitchen desks I visit are thrown together from a file drawer, pencil drawer, and other comparable standard desk-height cabinets to attain a 30-inch counter height, with a couple of wall cabinets slapped on the wall above.

Frequently they simply look underdeveloped as compared with the rest of the kitchen. But here are a few kitchen desks that stand from the audience.

1.Kitchen Desk Ideas: Accent Cabinet Color and Accent Tile

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Choose an accent cabinet color and accent tile by KitchenLab | Rebekah Zaveloff Interiors

The rest of the white kitchen has classic white subway tile with charcoal grout. The kitchen had some color and variation to divide the white, brown and black. The tiles here are reclaimed, and it’s often tough to find somewhere to use a few vintage tiles, but the little surface area behind a kitchen desk is a great option.

Mix at a mismatched chair and cabinet hardware and you’ve got something that works with the remainder of the kitchen but does not “match” it.

There is no need for regular should ruin the look; a wireless printer is installed remotely in an adjacent hutch cupboard to the left.

I am not sure whether this backsplash is wallpaper or tile, but it looks terrific. I love how it plays off the rug. A mismatched seat, open shelves for cookbooks and a ledge with baskets help make this kitchen desk seem layered and interesting.

2. Kitchen Desk Design: Open Shelves or Built-Ins

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Kitchen Desk Ideas by Kate Jackson Design

Built-in shelves are an excellent way to softy transition a kitchen desk to the family room or sitting area.

3. Have The Desk Moonlight As a Baking Center

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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas by KitchenLab

If you don’t need to sacrifice a whole section of your kitchen to get a desk which you may utilize a few times a week, let it do double-duty like a baking center, bar or serving station. All you need to do is drop the counter down 6″ from the standard counter height of 36″ to 30″ and voila, you have the ideal height for both baking and composing.

4. Wireless Kitchen Desk Ideas

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If you don’t have room for a desk, let your island do dual duty and carve out a drawer to stash that laptop whenever you don’t want it. With wireless printers and everything else nowadays, this is a great option.

5. Carve Out a Spot In The Mudroom

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Kitchen Desk Ideas

If you are fortunate enough to have a different spot in your house to house the desk, then do it. Make that mudroom beautiful and more like a family studio: a place to wrap presents, cut flowers from the garden, work on assignments or check email — it could be a hub for all sorts of activity.

6. Split a Niche To Get a Message Center

 Small Kitchen Desk Ideas

Kitchen Desk Ideas

If you don’t have a lot of room for a massive kitchen desk, opt for a smaller counter-height message center that allows you to perch or sit if you want to. A couple open shelves and a spot to plug in phones, a laptop, and a printer and you’ve got what you need.

7. Go For Kitchen Furniture Details

25 Clever Desk for Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Desk Design by Artisan Kitchens Inc

Feet, legs, columns, or to kick valances are great ways to make your desk area stand out. I imagine that this kitchen desk off a side entrance to the home: an ideal spot to fall the day’s bags, paperwork and supermarkets. There’s a place for everything and it resembles organization heaven.

8. Integrate The Desk In Front Of A Window

58 Best Kitchen Writing Desk You Should Build at Home

Kitchen Desk Design Ideas by Martha O’Hara Interiors

Putting your kitchen desk in front of a wall of windows is a wonderful way to make natural light and possess that much-needed nerve center known as a kitchen desk.

A kitchen desk in front of a window may be a light-filled spot to look up recipes, check email and do assignments. If you can carve out enough storage someplace in the kitchen resist the temptation to delete a window to get a wall cabinet. I really like the furniture details on the cabinetry and columns.

9. Add A Chalkboard Backsplash for Your Kitchen Desk

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Kitchen Desk Design Ideas by Amoroso Design

Do something different just like a chalkboard or corkboard. It’s different looking and practical. I love that this desk also has open shelves above for visual interest. Not every inch can be about function all the time. That’s no fun!

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