I love a fantastic fireplace. Whether you love the smell and crackle of a wood-burning fireplace or the ease of a gas-burning one, choosing the right facing is a large decision.

With fireplace season upon us, you might be thinking about upgrading an old fireplace or building a brand new one. There are many options for confronting a fireplace that choosing one could be challenging.

Design, cost and installation are a few of the factors you will probably have. Below are a few choices for you to think about; which one lighting your fire?

1. Steel Fireplace Ideas

Stunning Fireplace Ideas

Fireplace Ideas by California Home + Design

(Check your regional codes for information.) A steel facing surely fits that requirement. A customized program that feels rustic and modern, steel is a great appearance.

2. River Rock

Amazing Fireplace Designs

fireplace ideas river rock by Christopher Developments

A naturally round stone that comes from various palettes, river rock is offered in many sizes, as much as 15 inches. River rock is textural and impartial and matches with rustic and traditional styles.

3. Ledgestone Fireplace

Awesome Fireplace Ideas

ledgestone modern fireplace surround ideas by ALTUS Architecture + Design

This is the feel lover’s choice. It is available in many colours and can be installed horizontally, or vertically for a more modern appearance. Notice here how the ledgestone above was blended with a slab on the floor.

Individual glass or ceramic tiles are a definite win on any fireplace surround. They’re available in a number of colors and shapes, so the design options are endless.

4. Slab

Inspiring Fireplace Designs

slab fireplace ideas modern by Pacific Stoneworks Inc

A slab of marble, granite or another solid surface produces a dramatic and chic aesthetic. Be sure to hand select your slab and discuss the ideal area to cut together with your own installer. Attempt to take advantage of veining that creates a focal point.

5. Copper

15 Fireplace Ideas

copper fireplace ideas pictures by LDa Architecture & Interiors

I really like copper in almost any application, however I think that it’s especially slick on a fireplace. One of my favorite attributes of copper is the way its end changes as time passes. Copper is not only a beautiful facing option but also a conversation piece in any area

6. Fireplace Ideas: Painted Brick

25 Fireplace Designs

brick fireplace ideas by The Office of Charles de Lisle

A choice I have used frequently, painted brickworks every time. Any color can operate, but white functions with so many distinct styles. Modern, rustic and coastal all operate with a painted fireplace.

7. Finished Steel Fireplace

50 Fireplace Ideas

Steel Fireplace Ideas by Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

This example shown here is called with a blued finish. This is not painted but an actual finish procedure. It’s a great-looking detail to get a contemporary or darkened space.

8. Prefabricated Travertine or Limestone

This look wants a mason experienced with framing in addition to installation. Heavier pieces may need to be reinforced.

One other great choice for a contemporary style, this concrete fireplace has been poured into position. It’s a great-looking choice, but definitely, one to get a specialist to install. Ask your builder about concrete experts who will provide pricing and examples for your account.

9. Classic Brick

Unique Fireplace Designs

classic brick fireplace ideas without fire by Austin Patterson Disston Architects

This is classic and inexpensive in comparison to other hard surfaces and makes itself at home in traditional and transitional styles. Bricks can be installed in a staggered pattern or stacked for an even more contemporary look.

10. Natural Stone Fireplace

Stunning Fireplace Ideas

stone fireplace ideas by Elizabeth Reich

There are many choices of stone to pick from to get a fireplace facing. I like to drift at stone lawns appearing at all the various varieties. Stones such as fieldstone are available in many shapes, colors and textures.

I suggest finding the best installer you can and use him or her to pick the best stone for your fireplace.

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