Why stick to a dull desk once you have a place to work, looking at (and using) that’s a lot more fun? Here are 12 ideas for home office desks, from built-in storage to creative color.

1. Live Wood Desk at the Edge

Live-edge wood desk that will make your home office so amazing

Home Office Desk Ideas – Feldman Architecture, Inc

A thick slab of living-edge wood makes an organic desktop super simple. This long piece of live-edge wood offers ample work-space for 2 (or someone who loves to spread).

2. Bin Desk Storage

10 Storage bin desk - Creative desks ideas


The strong mineral reservoir acts as a pedestal under this reclaimed wooden desk, ideal for a child’s room size. It is easier to have open containers under the table compared to closed towels, so it is appropriate to have handmade materials and handcraft.

3. Ideas for Home Office Desk

27 Floating corner desk for your home

Home Office Desk Ideas – Pause Designs

Do you have to fill a shameful angle? Consider having a custom cut to fit the space on your desk. The corner can win a comfortable place for the office (especially when using a window), so you feel you know well that you put every inch of the workspace.

4. Minimalist Home Office Desk Ideas

20 Minimalist standing desk

Home Office Desk Ideas – Nanette Wong

Consider using a standing wall shelf as a minimalist desk. Pair the “desk” with a stool that you can hang on if you need a standing break, and if you need storage space, include a few different shelves.

5. Painted Desk of Wood

21 Painted wood desk ideas

Home Office Desk Ideas – Set The Stage

Give a classic table or breakfast table a new life-long contract with some brightly colored coats. If you have the luxury of having a full office room, consider using a table in the middle of this room (dining table) for the office, which will allow ample space for publishing and keeping the walls completely free of storage and storage and chairs.

6. Well Illuminated Desk

22 Well-lit desk for home office ideas

Home Office Desk Ideas – Vita Design Group

Proper lighting is necessary for the job, but that does not mean that the only solution is a work lamp with a lever. Walnut panels wrapped from wall to ceiling and recessed lighting give a warm glow to this workspace.

Controlled light on the table can help illuminate an open concept area, the area you need to operate and pull out of the display if you do not work.

7. Painted Chalk Desk Nook

20 Chalk-painted desk nook

Home Office Desk Ideas – John Donkin Architect Inc

Make the most compact nook with a customized fit, the floating-desk is painted on the walls with a chalkboard coat. Use magnetic chalk paint to write notes and easily post photographs and important papers for even more work out of this space.

8. Desk with a Look

19 Home office desks ideas esk with a view

Home Office Desk Ideas – Murray Legge Architecture

If you like to look out a window while you are working, a custom workout is designed to fit a huge window can make a place to compose, work or think. Just be aware of the indirect sunlight, it is best to avoid screen glare.

9. Desk of the Library

75 Bookshelf desk for your home

Home Office Desk Ideas – NDC Homes, Inc

If you want to read or keep things close to you while you are working, only a ticket could be a desk with an integrated shelf.

10. Home Office Wood Desk Reclaimed

15 Reclaimed-wood desk - Home Office Desk Ideas

Home Office Desk Ideas – Urban Wood Goods

Plumbing, reclaimed wood and classic cabinets come together to create this unique double desk. Old bins and wooden crates find new life as work desk drawers when attached to drawer fittings.

11. Desk of the Card Catalog

12 Card catalog desk to maximize home office

Home Office Desk Ideas – Corynne Pless

The cardholder pulls in the library style decorate the wooden desk drawers, which was handmade by a crafty property. For a similar look, paint different shades only on the drawer fronts of a vintage desk, and swap cardholder drawer pulls grips (online and available in some well-stocked hardware stores).

12. Double Desks for Dips

25 Shared Home Office Ideas That Are Functional And Beautiful

Double Desk Ideas – Christophe Vendel

The two-length desk work-spaces are divided by an angular dip, perfect for holding large stacks of papers or a few favorite books. The space-designer added book-print wallpaper to the wall just below the desk level in a cheeky touch.

Hope you enjoyed the design ideas for the home office desk. In case you’re going to buy a new home office desk then the following tips will be helpful for you.

Before you go out to find office furniture in your home, you must first list what you really need and set a budget so you do not make any mandatory purchases. Your list of things should also include tasks that you think you will perform on your workstation.

The list should also include items to be used or placed on desks. You may also need file cabinets for your office, so you can keep your important documents at your fingertips, but they can also be stored securely.

You may have frequent visits to your home. In such cases, you will want your office desk at home to be both fun and attractive.

Second, you should carefully measure your office space so that you can anticipate your needs. For a small space, you may need a compact design, while you may need a large office space to a large office.

It is very important that you feel comfortable at work, because only then can you work properly and efficiently. The office at home and the comfortable office chair should provide you with the perfect comfort.

The appropriate office helps you increase the overall efficiency of your business. It is best to look and choose a desktop that caters to all your needs.

Searching online can help you find the best quality office furniture. This new technology can help you identify and buy office furniture for your home while sitting comfortably in one place.

View and compare home office offices online and choose the right furniture for you and your budget. You can get an idea of ​​the type of furniture you want and the price range you prefer. The information you collect online will help you buy a desk and other furniture.

You should purchase it personally from your local office furniture store so you can check for any damage or problem with the furniture you choose. You can also compare the prices you found during an online survey while visiting your local furniture store.

If you have a budget, you should choose comfortable furniture, because this type of furniture is not only comfortable but always easy to use. It is also the best treatment for back pain and other health problems. They will help you feel comfortable during overtime in the comfortable office and chair.


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