The staircase is both attracting as well as mysterious (that recognizes just what lies upstairs?). It’s likewise a space with limitless possibilities for producing spectacular design moments. Here’s a collection of several of our favored staircases with lots of embellishing ideas.

1. Seattle Stairwell

painted stairs

painted stairs by DeForest Architects

DeForest Architects used 12-gauge perforated stainless steel for the actions. The handrail along the side wall surfaces was personalized by 5-star Metals.

2. Fossilized Tree

indoor stair railings

indoor stair railings by Webb & Brown-Neaves

A fossilized tree and also a painting of a matching tree poise this modern-day stairwell in Australia made by Webb & Brown-Neaves.

3. Lovely Entrance Corridor

Staircase Design

The team by TylerMandic Ltd

The group at Tyler Mandic included arcs to the stairwell to maintain the duration of the home and also to produce a lovely entrance corridor.

4. Jumping Stairwell

This swooping stairwell by Marble Crafters

This swooping stairwell by Marble Crafters

This jumping stairwell in Key Largo, Florida, includes wood-paneled wall surfaces, marble steps, and a sisal jogger to develop an elegant tropical vibe.

5. A Plaid Stair Jogger

spiral staircase

Black and white digital photography as well as an antique grandpa clock at the base of the staircases produce a luring vignette.

6. Old Iron

metal stairs

metal stairs

The old iron barriers pair well with the modern black as well as white striped jogger rug, creating a recognized stairwell in Paris.

7. Visual Treat

A collection of gold Sahara by John K. Anderson.

A collection of gold Sahara sconces from Arteriors Home includes a visual treat to this stairs in San Francisco created by John K. Anderson.

8. Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper

Patterned Wallpaper by Valerie M Interiors

A green and also gold staircase runner showcasing a trellis pattern enhances the likewise patterned wallpaper in this Hand Beach, Florida, home.

9. Geometric Stairway

staircase ideas by Joel Antunes photography

A trendy geometric stairway jogger warms up the cement steps, iron barrier and brick wall surfaces of this stairwell in London.

10. Abstract Painting Staircase

A single abstract

A single abstract by Sutro Architects

A solitary abstract painting includes just enough warmth to this streamlined stairwell developed by Sutro Architects, including drifting stairs and also a glass railing.

11. Traditional Staircase

This traditional staircase by Alan Wycheck Photography Inc

This typical staircase in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, ups the wild factor with a leopard-print staircase runner.

12. White Clapboard Siding

The white clapboard by Ryan Street & Associates

The white clapboard exterior siding, antique door as well as sisal carpet showcased in this Austin, Texas, stairwell make for a great mix of modern-day as well as rustic design.

13. Beach Inspired Staircase

Beach Inspired Staircase

Beach Inspired Staircase

This beach-inspired staircase in Miami whisks one off to heaven with its selection of sea blue tones and also tropical wallpaper.

14. Black and White Stair with Wallpaper

Black and White Stair with Wallpaper

The thinly striped by Leslie Goodwin Photography

The very finely candy striped black, as well as white staircase runner incorporated with the strong, stands out of neon environment-friendly in the wallpaper creates an elegant scene.

15. Custom Staircase

Custom Staircase by Oliver Burns

London developer Oliver Burns says that “around a cascade of contemporary lanterns, a (personalized) stairs, fashioned from a solitary piece of timber, rests at the center of the house.”

16. Spanish-tile Stair

Spanish-tile Stair

The bright greens and blues by Weglarz Design

The brilliant eco-friendlies and also blues of the Spanish-tile-inlaid steps produce a festive stairwell in Tampa fl Bay, Florida.

17. Wooden Staircase Design

Wooden Staircase Design by Bijl Architecture

This stairwell in Australia designed by Bijl Style features cantilevered wood stairways as well as a custom-routed Corian wall surface.

18. Vertical Wooden Stairwell

Vertical Wooden Stairwell

This stairwell with it’s by Kaufman Construction Design and Build

This stairwell with its vertical wooden slats is a mix of both Arts & Crafts as well as Japanese-influenced design.

19. Walnut Curved Staircase

Walnut Curved Staircase

A solid walnut by Specialized Stair and Rail

A solid walnut curved stairs include open-rise footsteps combined with curved glass barriers. The craftspeople at Specialized Stairway and Rail created this stairwell for a home in Canada.

20. Red Painted Iron Railing

The bright red painted by Gio Pagani

The bright red repainted iron barrier includes a dramatic pop of shade to the cement stairways and gray wall surfaces of this stairs in Italy developed by Gio Pagani.

21. Shades of Gray

Shades of gray by Michelle Chaplin Interiors

Shades of gray celebrity in this London staircase created by Michelle Chaplin Interiors. Gray is featured on the runner, carpet, beam of light, column and pendant light.

22. Over the Top and Fabulous

over-the-top and fabulous

Both over-the-top by Favreau Design

Both over-the-top, as well as fantastic, this San Francisco stairwell, showcases boldly striped wall surfaces, a cheetah-print runner carpet as well as the collection a fake animal heads.

23. Chevron-patterned Wool

Chevron-patterned Wool

A chevron-patterned by Wools of New Zealand

A chevron-patterned wool staircase jogger and stylish blue walls create an innovative staircase in England.

24. Minimalist

This minimalist staircase by Amos Goldreich Architecture

This minimalist staircase by Amos Goldreich Architecture

These minimalist stairs in London were designed by Amos Goldreich Style as well as attributes drifting timber staircases as well as a blackened-steel barrier.

25. Clothing at The Top

staircase design

Notice the dress by Morisset Design

Notification the dress form spruced up in duration garments at the top of the initial trip of staircases. It adds an entire another level of rate of interest to this stairwell.

26. Curved Wood

The curved wood by Mary Prince Photography

The curved wood by Mary Prince Photography

The bent timber banister forming a dual helix includes all the aesthetic passion needed and after that some for this minimal stairwell.

27. Shades of Blue

The bold stair by Roger Oates Design

The vibrant staircase runner in tones of blue, black and also gray is a dosage of color in this all-white entrance in London.

28. Multicolored Inlaid Tile

Multicolored Inlaid Tile

Multicolored inlaid by Stewart Construction

Multicolored inlaid floor tile running up the stairways produces a special and joyful stairwell in this Tampa fl Bay, Florida, home.

29. Artistic Stairwell

Artistic Stairwell

artistic stairwell

It’s finest to take this imaginative stairwell in London designed by architect Gregory Phillips one action at a time.

30. Traditional Stairwell

traditional stairwell

traditional stairwell

The designer of this standard stairwell in Salt Lake City maintained it straightforward, letting the glossy white wall surface panels adding the staircases and also corridor swipe the scene.

31. White With Blue Stripes

White With Blue Stripes

White With Blue Stripes by allee architecture + design, llc

This coastline home in southern Connecticut showcases a white staircase with blue red stripes as well as a repurposed pipeline for a railing.

32. Midcentury Style

Design by Melanie Stewart

This staircase in a midcentury home in San Francisco was designed by Melanie Stewart. The graphic black and also white stairway jogger gives a vibrant welcome home.

33. LED Lights

LED lights running up by Martin Gardner Photography

LED lights running up the sides of the staircases produce a stunning radiance on this stairwell in England.

34. Green Paint and Green-framed Photos

Green Paint and Green-framed Photos

Green Paint and Green-framed Photos by Erica George Dines Photography

Some eco-friendly paint on the staircases as well as green-framed family members pictures includes a breath of fresh air to this black and also white stairwell in Atlanta.

35. Woodsy Wallpaper

Woodsy wallpaper by Vanillawood

Woodsy wallpaper was added to the stairways of this eclectic Portland, Oregon, stairwell.

36. Geometric Patterned

Designer by Barbara Purdy Design Inc

Developer Barbara Purdy added a geometric-patterned jogger as well as a zigzag banister to develop a fun and also stylish stairwell in Toronto.

37. Royal Purple Stair

The royal-purple stair

The royal-purple stair runner adds shade to this black and also white stairwell in London. The wallpaper is also a knockout.

38. Reclaimed Wood Staircase

Each reclaimed-wood by Hart Design And Construction

Each reclaimed-wood action in this stairs has its own distinctive character as well as form, creating a one-of-a-kind showpiece.

39. Floating Set

The floating set by in_design architektur

The drifting collection of steps over extra basic stairs produces an intriguing visual in this space developed by Germany’s in_design Architektur.

40. Yellow and White Stair

The yellow and white by Fia & Company

The yellow and white staircase jogger matches the striped chair at the base of the stairwell in this stylish Victorian home in Toronto.

41. Simplicity Reigns Supreme

Simplicity reigns by Kitchen Architecture

Simplicity preponderates with this staircase in an up-to-date estate in Oxford, England.

42. Patterned Wallpaper

The same patterned by Anthony Baratta LLC

The very same formed wallpaper with contrary foreground and background colors creates a spectacular dynamic for this New York city stairs.

43. Swooping Staircase

This swooping staircase by Archology

This stroking staircase in Australia created by Archeology supplies choices for walking as well as gliding to the first flooring.

44. Rustic Stairwell

Uptic Studios

Uptic Studios blended slate floor tile, steel cable televisions, iron as well as wood for this industrial-meets-rustic stairwell.

45. Floating Stone Steps

This staircase in Varese by Liadesign

This stairs in Varese, Italy, integrates floating stone steps to make a bold design declaration.

46. Intricate Metalwork

Mattingly Thaler Architecture

Mattingly Thaler Design utilized intricate metalwork for the barrier of this sophisticated stairs in San Francisco.

47. Intricate Victorian

Victorian by John Malick & Associates

This complex Victorian-inspired staircase made by John Malick & Associates graces a swimming pool house in Atherton, The golden state.

48. Intricate Metal Railing

Arcways, Inc

Arcways in Wisconsin produced the intricate metal railing that graces the staircase of this Dallas home.

49.  Built-in Bookcase

A built-in bookcase by Nicola O’Mara Interior Design

An integrated cabinet on the stairs wall creates a functional as well as the stylish aesthetic for this English countryside home.

50. Elegant Formal Stairway

An Oriental runner rug by Zoroufy

An Oriental runner rug with iron staircase rods from Zoroufy produces a stylish formal stairway.

51. Chrome Stair Rods

Design by Alexander James

Designer Alexander James used chrome stair rods to fasten down the woolen staircase jogger in this London home.

52. Matching Hallway Runner

he matching hallway by Roger Oates Design

The matching corridor runner and also staircase jogger integrated with a gallery wall surface of household images make a comfy stairwell in England.

53. Understated Entryway

The Christmas colors by Colin Cadle Photography

The Xmas colors of this stair jogger include a joyful spirit to this otherwise understated entryway in England.

54. Shades of Red and Purple

The matching hallway by Alternative Flooring 

The matching corridor jogger and also staircase runner in tones of red and purple also consist of heart patterns that include whimsy.

55. Whitewashed Wood Stairs

The whitewashed wood by Turner Pocock

The whitewashed timber staircases, white columns as well as glass dividers barriers combine to make a nautical-inspired stairwell in London.

56. Elegant and Understated Stairwell

A series of more by Jonathan Winslow Design

A collection of greater than 30 mounted art items, as well as an abstract sculpture of a head at the base of the stairs, make this Beverly Hills, The golden state, staircase a standout.

57. Elegant and Understated Stairwell

This elegant and understated stairwell by Blakes London

This elegant and downplayed stairwell in London is quite manly, with its staircase jogger reminiscent of males’ match textile.

58. Bold and Beautiful Tribal

A bold and beautiful tribal by Theresa Fine

A vibrant and lovely tribal carpet unravels down the stairways making an eclectic and advanced entryway.

59. Polka-dot Stair

A polka dot stair runner by Mad About Your House

A polka dot stair runner, a banister painted a shade of eggplant and bookshelf wallpaper create a unique stairwell in the United Kingdom.

60.  Palm Beach

This Palm Beach, Florida by Gil Walsh Interiors

This Palm Beach, Florida, cottage created by Gil Walsh Interiors makes use of a classy as well as lush stairway runner to invite guests right into the home.

61. Rainbow-hued

This rainbow-hued stair by Alternative Flooring

This rainbow-hued staircase runner is complemented by the colorful collection of umbrellas and also canary-yellow table at the base of the stairwell.

62. Swooping Design

A stunning sculpture

A spectacular sculpture at the base of this San Francisco staircase imitates the diving design of the remarkable stairwell.

63. Intricate Woodwork

The intricate woodwork by Alan E Brainerd Interiors Inc

The detailed woodwork and brass sconces adding the wall surface produce a typically good-looking stairwell in Illinois.

64. Wine Cellar Under the Stairs

The integration of a by Moon Architect and Builder

The assimilation of a wine cellar under the stairs creates well-conceived stairs in the United Kingdom.

65. Bold Stair Runner

The red and orange by Roger Oates Design

The red, as well as the orange of this bold stair runner, offer a splash of color to this otherwise all-white room in London.

66. White Rope for Stair Railing

A white rope by Dennis Moffitt Painting

A white rope has actually been transformed right into a stairway barrier for this beach home in Rhode Island.

67. Moody Staircase

This moody staircase by Alison Hammond Photography

This irritable staircase in London obtained the red rug therapy and is definitely all set for its close-up.

68. Classic Charm

A wall alcove provides by Jane Cappleman Interior Design Ltd

A wall cubbyhole supplies an ideal place for an antique bust that offers classic beauty to this sophisticated staircase in East Anglia, England.

69. Oversize Scissors Displayed

This stylish home by Foster Lomas

This stylish home in London includes a staircase with a collection of large-scale scissors showed at the top of the stairs.

70. Porthole Window Partway

This beach house in Charleston by The Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design

This coastline house in Charleston, South Carolina, has a grand staircase with a porthole window partway up the stairways.

71. Intricate Woodwork

The intricate woodwork by Old Hampshire Designs Inc

The elaborate woodwork of this staircase in Boston does not need any kind of embellishments. It stands on its very own.

72. Floor-to-ceiling Steel

Floor-to-ceiling steel by Group 41 Architects

Floor-to-ceiling steel bars provide a trendy partition that lances a flight of black floating stairs in San Francisco.

73. Living Wall with LED Lights

A living wall at the base by Franck Minieri, Photographer

A living wall at the base of the stairs and a barrier with LED lights produce a magical stairwell in France.

74. Flagstone Walls and Reclaimed Wood

This mountain home was designed by Poss Architecture + Planning + Interior Design

This mountain home was made by Poss Style + Planning + Interior Design. The stairs are a tribute to rustic design with flagstone walls and also reclaimed-wood actions.

75. Beautiful Stained Wood

Beautiful stained wood by Gregory Phillips Architects

Stunning discolored timber, inset lights running up the staircases and also crisp white wall surfaces qualify in this London stairwell.

76. Baked White Oak

The stairs in this Boston by LDa Architecture & Interiors

The stairs in this Boston home are constructed from a baked white oak that’s been surface-treated with an ebony aniline color.

77. Stunning Glass Stairwell


Stephen Fletcher Architects made use of glass partitions, swooping actions and a skylight to create a sensational stairwell.

78. French Style

The intricately cut white by marsal rousselot architectes

The intricately cut white by marsal rousselot architectes

The delicately reduced white dividing has an organic high quality that softens the ebony black stairs in this French home developed by Marsal Rousselot architectures.

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